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Bence Csernák

Product Designer and User Experience Consultant with large corporations and startups globally.Based in London, he is specialised in making complex products simple and beautiful. Works seamlessly embedded in an agile software development team from inception to delivery in collaboration with clients, stakeholders, product owners and developers.

Worked for EY, HSBC, NatWest Markets, Liberty Global, Vodafone, several agencies and consultancies and a couple of global banks and Fintech startups. Bence sees the high-level vision and big picture (business goals + what customers want) while also being able to roll up sleeves and dive into design details and work autonomously.

He trains professional corporate employees/freelancers at the New York based DesignLab and Interaction Design Foundation platforms and helps voluntarily in a London based freelance non-profit community called BLBK. Coaching privately at Career coaching.

Worked as a freelance brand and web designer in Budapest till 2012 after finishing his studies in 2000 in Vienna.

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dir.: GAUTHIER ROUSSILHE / 51 min. / HUN SUB / More…

What is the role of a designer?

12 designers and researchers discuss the sometimes harmful impact of design on our societies, and how designers can work for the good of all, not just the privileged few.

Every day we use objects, services and applications designed by all kinds of designers. But does this mean that everything a designer conceives is done in our interest? Some interfaces are designed to get all of our attention and some products are designed to die prematurely. With this in mind, it becomes obvious that the design of any product can be a moral dilemma: designers must balance their own economic survival, the financial interest of the client and the well-being of the user.

These dilemmas are a constant for designers and it is essential to create a space for reflection and to define an orientation for the profession which is currently incredibly sparse, i.e. to define an ethical code for design.

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Bem Cinema, 1027 Budapest, Margit krt. 5.

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